4th Eurasian WEEE Solutions Congress. 1st Eurasian CATS Solutions Congress

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35 countries 1000 delegates from 6 recycling industries

It is a great pleasure to announce that the AEB supports the recycling industry’s most important events:

4th Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions Congress

and the

1st Eurasian Car, Airplane, Train and Ship Recycling Congress

at one place on the famous industry’s platform in Russia.

When: 20–22 March 2019
Where: Hotel Royal Radisson, Kutuzovsky Prospekt 2/1, Moscow

Swiss company «Smart Resources» and National self-regulating organization of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processors in Russia RUSLOM.COM, under the leadership of the founder of the congress Dr. Viktor Haefeli, Senior Consultant of the Ministry of Environment, Switzerland, and Expert of the 1st International Environmental Council by the Government of Moscow.
For whom:
The largest processors of industrial waste and MSW, equipment manufacturers, consumers of secondary resources, government officials, regional administrations, international industry associations and experts.
Supported by:
Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Ministry of Finance, Department of the Moscow Mayor for the Environment, Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation, UNIDO Russia, Delovaja Russia, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.
Honored guests and experts:

Professional associations and unions: BDSV (Germany), EuRIC (Brussels), WEEELABEX and CENELEC, The Association of European Businesses (AEB), Association of Manufacturers and Importers RATEK and SKO «Electronica-Utilisazija», Swiss Association for Environmental Technology (SVUT), as well as representatives from Belarus, Kazakhstan and other EAEU countries.

The general media sponsor of EWEEES and ECATSS is Municipal Solid Waste magazine.

The Exhibitors have a unique opportunity to present themselves and their products on the most famous industry platform in Russia.

Producers and importers of electronic and electrical equipment of the Russian Federation started to implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Responsibility for their product is provided by the principles of a Circular Economy in accordance with technical standards and Best Available Technologies (BAT). Environmental and recycling charges are provided for WEEE and vehicle waste. Many activities on the market are carried out by the authorities, manufacturers, associations, collectors and processors.

EWEEES – is an efficient key-platform for developing and maintaining a dialogue with the authorities, producers, recyclers, scientists, associations, NGO’s and media in the field of WEEE management in the EAEU.
The EAEU is the new and fast growing recycling market which generates ca. 1’500’000 t of WEEE per year, with a value over 400’000’000 Euro.

ECATSS – is a new and growing platform for recycling solutions for Cars, Airplanes, Trains and Ships. This is a significant secondary materials flow with high values estimated over 10’000’000’000 million Euro each year.

  • 4th Eurasian Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Solutions Congress (WEEE)
  • 1st Eurasian Car, Airplane, Train and Ship Recycling Congress (CATS)
  • Round table on interaction with the banking sector. Banking products.
  • Round table on best available technologies (BAT)
  • Round table on plastic processing
  • Workshop on e-waste and recycling of cars, aircraft, ships and trains
  • Workshop on VAT on scrap sales
  • Workshop on recycling and environmental charges
  • Award Ceremony and more

Currently, the industry of production and consumption waste management is under the close supervision of the state, incentive measures are being developed. Environmental programs such as the National Project Ecology, Clean Country, Extended Environmental Responsibility of Producers and Importers, Best Available Technologies; as well as the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin on ecology and environmental protection are being actively implemented.

The year 2019 will be very active in terms of renovation of technological and property funds of processing enterprises. A key role is assigned to the Waste Management industry. The market of secondary raw materials is fast-growing and promising; the secondary resources are involved in the turnover within the country and are exported. As a result Russian enterprises have an increased demand for the purchase of new equipment.

Traditionally, the Congress provides a great amount of expert information and innovations. Therefore, the key players use it to build a strategy for the upcoming year. That results in a high percentage of transactions concluded directly at the exhibition as a survey of participants shows.

We will be glad to make your Business a part of the Strategy for waste management and environmental improvement in Russia!

AEB members have a 10% discount.  More info: https://eweees.ru/

haefeli signature
Dr. Viktor Haefeli
Chairman EWEEES
Chairman ECATSS
Victor Kovhevny
Co-Chairman EWEEES
Chairman ECATSS
Anna Ammann
Organizer EWEEES
Organizer ECATSS