4th International Conference “Smart Insurance” supported by the AEB

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The AEB would like to draw your attention to the 4th International Conference “Smart Insurance” that will be held on 7 December, 2015 at the World Trade Centre, Moscow.

  Smart Insurance is Russian implementation of the Pay-As-You-Drive approach. A motorist receives, along with KASKO insurance policy, an electronic unit to be installed in a car that keeps track of the driver’s actions behind the wheel (speeding, hard acceleration and braking, etc.) and, depending on his/her accuracy, the motorist receives a discount determined from an insurance tariff.

In Europe Pay-as-you-drive has been implemented since 2002; it is widely used in the USA as well. As the insurers state the results are amazing: the driver, as soon as he is started to be “watched”, becomes more accurate and disciplined.

Furthermore, the automotive telematics have many other useful functions: satellite car alarm or, for example, notifying emergency services.

According to experts, by 2020 over 5 million vehicle owners will be using insurance telematics services in Russia. The drivers, who drive safely and little, will stop sponsoring frauds, road hooligans and dangerous drivers, as well as will save up to 50% on their insurance premiums.

In 2014, a number of Russian insurance companies (Intouch, «Vazhno. Novoe Strahovanie», Uralsib Insurance Company and AlfaInsurance) launched successful pilot projects on Smart Insurance. In particular, they started installing navigation and communication equipment to collect information about insurant driving styles in exchange for discounts and bonuses. Their experience showed that this service was really in demand among motorists.

Today in Russia the important objective of Smart Insurance is to bring the market to unified standards: that means creating a single database on drivers, unifying scoring parameters, choosing interesting business models and many other things.

The goal of the conference is to discuss important issues and proposals for the successful and widespread introduction of smart insurance services in Russia.

The conference will cover examples of international and Russian practices of applying telematics systems to Smart Insurance programs, analysis of accident emergency response systems impact on forming the market, as well as analysis of development prospects of insurance telematics and its new opportunities.

The conference will be attended by:

  • Russian insurance companies providing or considering the opportunity of providing smart insurance services
  • Foreign players of the insurance market having positive experience in providing services of such a market
  • Automobile manufacturers and auto dealers using, in the partnership with insurance companies, these services while selling their products
  • Developers and manufacturers of telematics equipment designed for technical support to smart insurance services provision
  • Developers of software for providing smart insurance services, system integrators
  • Experts in the field of auto insurance, including insurance legislation

The conference is a unique open discussion platform for everyone interested and involved in the process of developing this new type of insurance services of companies and organiыations.

To participate as a delegate, speaker, sponsor or a partner, please contact ProfConferences
by phone + 7 (495) 641-57-17 or email: office@proconf.ru