Application of 3D-technologies in the automotive industry

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LiveStream: online marathon “Automechanika & Autobusiness”

Organizer: ITEMF Expo

Co-organizers: Association of European Businesses, iQB Technologies

On 27 August at 4 pm (MSK), we invite you to take part in the online marathon “Automechanika & Autobusiness”.

The topic: "Application of 3D-technologies in the automotive industry".

Host: Anna Manvelova, CEO, ITEMF Expo, organizer of MIMS Automechanika Moscow exhibition


· Nikita Kudryashov, Head of Additive Technologies projects, iQB Technologies

· Ilya Krupennikov, Head of 3D-scanning and software projects, iQB Technologies

· Alexey Chehovich, Chief technical expert, iQB Technologies

· Michael Kindermann, Director Production Russia, BMW Group

·Kirill Kazmirchuk, Head of Advanced Technologies and Development, FSUE "NAMI"

In the frame of the online marathon «Automechanika & Autobusiness» we are going to talk about:

· Advantages and disadvantages of 3D technologies compared to traditional methods of manufacturing in automotive industry

· How can additive technologies optimize the manufacturing process?

· What tasks can a 3D - scanner solve in the automotive industry?

· Real-life examples of successful application of 3D - technologies in the automotive industry

· Will the use of 3D technologies have a significant impact on the production of cars and automotive components in future?

All participants of this Life Stream will receive a unique expert material and a step-by-step guide on the possibilities of using 3D technologies in the automotive industry.

The working language of the meeting is Russian. English interpretation will be provided.

See you!

Contact person:

Galina Romantsova

+7 (495) 766-30-02, ext. 939