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Event information
On 9 September, construction industry specialists will receive an answer to a hot question: "How will the pandemic affect the construction industry?".

The unique business event of a new format "Construction Industry Dialogue" will be held in the centre of Moscow, where representatives of government authorities and business will express their views on government support, import substitution and sanctions, national and infrastructure projects.

What will happen?
Live communication in reality: the speakers communicate with each other and with the audience without presentations or possible advertising speeches.

Acquaintance: active networking among all participants will be organised.

Topical issues: the organisers conducted a survey among 40,000 specialists of the construction industry and selected  most relevant topics for discussion.

Who will be present?
Speakers: representatives of state structures, large construction companies, specialized associations.

Audience: manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment, developers, construction and rental companies.

Media: specialised and business media, Internet publications.
The co-organizer of the Dialogue is Kommersant Publishing House.

Support: Association of European Businesses, NAAST, SRO Association Specautoprom.

The detailed programme, names and actual status of speakers and timing are available on the website

How to participate?
Register on the website or by following the link:

One person can book several tickets.
Registration ends on or before 26 August when all tickets are sold (number of seats is limited).

For participation and registration issues
Messe Muenchen Rus

Irina Ovod
+7 (495) 120 37 87 ext. 135

Construction Industry Dialogue 2019