IX Annual Interregional Conference «Growth points of the Ural Macroregion’s Economy»

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The AEB is pleased to draw your attention to the IX Annual Interregional Conference “Growth points of the Ural Macroregion’s Economy” that will take place on October 29, 2014 in Yekaterinburg.   


The «Growth points of the Ural Macroregion’s Economy» is recognized and respected research and communication project of the "Expert" Media Company in which key vectors of region development are formulated and discussed. The key leading persons of all regional subjects of Urals and Siberia as follows: leadership executive authorities, large and medium-sized companies, administrations of cities, organizations, scientific and educational groups, as well as leading experts from Russian and international level, and representatives of the federal government (approx. 250-300 persons).

The AEB is pleased to organize the round table “The integration of European business into the modernization of the Urals” together with the Analytical center and the magazine “Expert-Ural” which will take place on 29 October 2014 at 14.30 – 16.30. Venue: Yekaterinburg, Gorkogo Str., 21 – the Residence of Sverdlovsk Region Governor.


Discussion issues:

  • What is the European business role in the Urals companies modernization?
  • What sectors would be of the top priorities and are interesting both for the Ural and European companies?
  • What are the steps needed to be accomplished for the corporate networks development for Ural and European scientific organizations, for the coordination of research programs and participation in joint projects with high scientific and technical potential?
  • What are the most appropriative and attractive forms of cooperation for European business in Russia: the development of in-house facilities, joint venture companies, partnership?
  • The implementation of technologies, aimed at improving energy efficiency and productivity as a way to increase the region's competitiveness.

Full details are available on the organizer website: http://www.expert-ural.com/events/tochki-rosta-ekonomiki-bolshogo-urala-2.html


Contacts: Darya Matusevich, Analytical center “Expert-Ural”, (343) 345-03-42, +7-963-097-33-33, matusevich@expertural.ru