Seminar “Remaining competitive in challenging times” (27-28 May, 2015, Moscow) supported by the AEB

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The AEB is pleased to invite you to participate in the seminar “Remaining competitive in challenging times” organized by San Telmo Institute andMoscow School of Management SKOLKOVO on 27th and 28th of May.

This intensive leadership seminar has a clear objective — to help a select number of chief executives, entrepreneurs and managing directors to do better what they already do very well: continuously growing and making stronger their organizations, even in the present challenging times. This seminar is for busy people who are keen to embark in a mutual learning experience with other leaders.

For further details, please download the programme and agenda of the seminar (below the text) or follow the links:


Ludmila Gologurski

+7 925 146 98 50

Manuel Gonzalez Toruño

+34 606 336 857