ECOPOLIS Corporation JSC

Ecopolis Corp. was founded by the professional team who combined their experience in metallurgy, recycling, high-tech entrepreneurship and venture business for creating leading recycling company. In 2018 Ecopolis Corp. will launch the chain of processing companies to recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Effectiveness and the depth of useful materials extraction have no analogs all over the world. The Ecopolis Сorp. includes three enterprises: - Ecotechprom is WEEE recycling factory. The enterprise uses high-tech automated separation, sorting and shredding lines and its annual recycling capacity is 75 000 tons of WEEE (First Stage) up to 525 Mt/A (2-nd and 3-rd Stages) - Ecoplast factory combines the best plastics separation technologies and equipment for high-quality plastic granules production. Plastics extracted from the electronic scrap are machined, separated, sorted, filtered, cleaned and degassed. The factory can process up to 40 000 tons of secondary plastics raw materials per year. - Aurus is the full-cycle enterprise with the maximum extraction of useful metals, designed for deep processing of printed circuit boards (PCB). Along with PCB-scrap, Aurus can recycle waste such as low-quality copper scrap, industrial sludges, slags, and bimetals. The factory Recycling capacity is 12 000 tons of PCB-scrap.

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