ISG support-GUS GmbH

ISG support-GUS GmbH is working with its Russian partner company – the Competence Centre for Materials Processing ( – in the field of material processing with lasers. As an exclusive CIS representative of the German world market leaders (e.g. Precitec, Nutech, Highyag, wenglor sensoric, Scanlab) in laser welding, laser cutting, laser soldering, as well as sensor technology, ISG support-GUS GmbH offers not only the sale of laser optics, robots, lasers and sensors. The main objective is also the maintenance and service of the systems, and the provision of spare parts and consumables from its own stock in Moscow. Since 2012 in the Russian market, among others, all leading users of laser processing systems in the fields of automotive industry, shipbuilding and machinery and plant engineering belong to the users of ISG support-GUS GmbH products. A motivated team of engineers and technicians not only provide the optimum solution to the users, it also ensure safe and stable production by optimum maintenance and support.

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