We are member of MOL Group, an integrated, independent, international oil&gas corporation, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. We have operations in over 40 countries and employ almost 29000 people worldwide. Our exploration and production activities are supported by more than 75 years' experience in the hydrocarbon field. At the moment, there are production activities in 8 countries and exploration assets in 13 countries. The Group operates 4 refineries and 2 petrochemicals plants, under integrated supply chain management, in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. We also own a network of over 1700 service stations across 11 countries in Central & South Eastern Europe. MOL Group keeps moving ahead by discovering new ways of serving their energy needs better and creating value for generations to come. Operating across and from Central Europe, MOL Group will overcome frontiers, inspired by its management and relying on expertise of its people.

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