Ponsse OOO
  • 188508, Ленинградская область, Ломоносовский район, тер. Южная часть производственной зоны Горелово, улица Понссе 4
  • www.ponsse.com
  • +78127771211
  • russia@ponsse.com

Ponsse is one of the world's leading manufacturers of logging machines. Ponsse factory located in the village of Vieremä, Finland since its foundation in 1970. Ponsse produces harvesters, forwarders and harvester heads. Our equipment is designed for an environmentally friendly method of harvesting assortments in the forest. Ponsse products and their main components are developed and engineered directly at the factory in Vieremä. This ensures that our machines fully meet the requirements of logging professionals. Today, Ponsse operates in 40 countries, has 12 branches and 35 dealers worldwide. In Russia and Belarus Ponsse has 10 dealers, that provide a high level of service throughout the country. In addition to the sale of machines, we are engaged in their repair and maintenance, including warranty. About 200 service centers form the global Ponsse service network. Our company also conducts courses for operators, mechanics, and other specialized specialties. Modern harvester and forwarder simulations are available for operator training in our training centers. A full cycle of training is available at the training center in St. Petersburg. Ponsse's range of spare parts is tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. We offer a wide selection of high-quality parts to ensure the efficient forestry operation.

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