• 191025 Россия, г.Санкт-Петербург, Невский проспект, дом №114-116, литер А
  • +7 812 449 07 67

Scandinavian Interiors is an interior company offering authentic Scandinavian design for working and public environments and supplying over 20 Scandinavian furniture brands to the Russian market. We've been on the market since 1997 and our key partners are such known furniture manufacturers as Kinnarps, Materia, Skandiform, Johansson, Gotessons, Framery, NC Nordic Care, Drabert, Martin Stoll etc. Thanks to wide and diversified abilities in outfitting commercial environments, as well as professionalism of our designers, who are no strangers to the principles of creating an inspiring working environment, we are offering our clients an integrated approach to creating interiors. In addition, Scandinavian manufacturers are known worldwide for their environmentally friendly solutions and ability to use resources conservatively, which facilitates sustainability. Scandinavian Interiors also adheres to this philosophy offering its clients interiors built to highest standards of quality, ergonomics and sustainability.

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