VERSPEAK is a cloud-based Interpretation Delivery Platform for remote simultaneous interpretation of multilingual conventions, meetups, webinars, conference calls and live broadcasts with the audience size fr om 5 to 30 000 people. Arranging simultaneous interpretation for your event has never been easier. There is no need to rent and setup any professional equipment on stage; the only thing required is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a notebook. Simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the attendees’ mobile devices via VERSPEAK App, so you won’t need to deal with infrared headphones anymore. It takes us an hour at max to find the best interpreter for your event no matter wh ere it takes place and what the required languages are. Professional simultaneous interpreters certified by VERSPEAK have a unique ability to operate remotely from cost-effective locations, thus saving on transfer and accommodation. Only the actual platform usage and interpretation time is charged, we don’t apply any full- or half-day tariffs. We are also happy to provide on-stage support services in countries covered by our representatives: Finland, Ireland, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, Israel, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

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