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A Round table discussion in Krasnodar 12 July 2013


On 12 July 2013, the Crop Protection Committee (CPC), in cooperation with the AEB South Committee and the Russian Union of Crop Protection manufacturers, organized a Round table discussion “Adoption of the efficient measures against counterfeit pesticides on the Russian market: current situation, problems and solutions” in Krasnodar. 

Participants from the regional authorities – Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Strategic Development, Investments and International Economic Activity, Krasnodar Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Exploitation, Krasnodar Customs Service, Krasnodar Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption and the company - CPP producers entered into a constructive dialogue on ways and measures for combat against counterfeit pesticides. It was fully agreed to apply to the Federal Government for amendments to the current legislation. The Draft Proposals, already prepared by the CPC, are to be updated in accordance with the Round Table decisions and to be submitted to the Government.