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A visit to Port of Hamburg


On 19 March 2014, the Association of European Businesses organised a visit to Port of Hamburg for the interested AEB members and Eurasian Economic Commission delegation, headed by Vladimir Goshin, Minister for customs cooperation. Port of Hamburg is one of the main Container Ports in Europe, which occupies the 10% of the city state Hamburg. The main activities of Port of Hamburg were presented at the boat tour. Following it, the round table discussion was held with participation of Head of Hamburg Customs Service, Dakosy – Port communication service provider and customs broker. As part of the visit, on March 18, 2014 AEB members took part in the round table, organised by Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, East and Central Europe Association (OMV) together with EEC. Vladimir Goshin, EEC Minister for customs cooperation, made a presentation on “Eurasian Regional Integration: general process and customs aspects”, followed by Q&A session.