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AEB Annual Survey – “Strategies and Prospects for European companies in Russia”


On 20 May 2014, the Association of European Businesses and the Institute for Market Research GfK-Rus announced the results of the AEB Annual Survey – “Strategies and Prospects for European companies in Russia”. The Survey analyses the comfort level for European business in Russia, evaluating the country’s investment climate. 

The opening remarks were delivered by Frank Schauff, AEB CEO, and Stuart Lawson, AEB Finance&Investments Committee Chairman / Executive Director, EY. Alexander Demidov, Managing Director, GfK-Rus, presented the results of this year survey. 

According to the survey results, the European companies doing business in Russia cut their investments and feel less optimistic regarding both the macroeconomic development of the country and the growth of their own business. The integrated AEB-GfK Index dropped by 29 points compared to 2013 and amounts to 115 points out of 200 possible (in 2013 – 144 points, in 2012 – 159 points).

We would like to thank the companies who contributed to the survey with their answers and hope that more of our members will be interested to participate in this project in the future.

For more information please read the AEB press release in English and Russian and the report in English and Russian.

L-R: Stuart Lawson, AEB Finance & Investments Committee Chairman / Executive Director, EY; Alexander Demidov, Managing Director, GfK-Rus; Frank Schauff, AEB CEO.