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AEB Annual Tax Conference. Dialogues on what matters.


On December 21, 2022, the AEB Taxation Committee held its traditional annual conference. 

This year it was our second event in a fully offline format which is very much praised by participants. 

The conference was attended by over 80 participants and highlighted recent and upcoming amendments to the Russian taxation legislation.

The meeting was opened by Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO, and moderated by Nina Goulis, AEB Taxation Committee Chairperson, Kept, and Rustem Akmetshin, Pepeliaev Group.

The conference saw unprecedented number of distinguished guests:

Alexey Sazanov, State Secretary - Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
Yulia Shepeleva and Victor Batsiev, Deputy Heads of the Russian Federal Tax Service 
Vitaly Zvankov, Head of the Legal Division of the Russian Federal Tax Service
Elena Suvorova, Head of the Division for the Largest Taxpayers of the Russian Federal Tax Service
Alexandra Kadet, Head of the Transfer Pricing Division of the Russian Federal Tax Service
Mikhail Denisaev, Head of the Department for Support of Disputes in Higher Courts, the Russian Federal Tax Service

They spoke about the main areas of work within the framework of the tax policy, which has been adaptive in 2022, highlighted the main measures of prompt response. Digitalization has become one of the strategic directions that have been preserved this year. Among the main objectives for the next year is attracting direct investments into the Russian economy and creating appropriate tax regimes with new counterparty countries. Representatives of the Federal Tax Service of Russia highlighted the main trends in tax monitoring and control, approaches to pre-audit checks and audit measures in the context of a risk-based approach. The practice of applying Article 54.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation regarding the limits of the exercise of rights to calculate the tax base by taxpayers was also comprehensively covered.

Experts at the event were: Mikhail Orlov, Kept, Irina Bykhovskaya, B1, Alexander Erasov, MEF Legal, Evegeniy Timofeev, TGP, Raisa Alexakhina, Technologies of Trust, Alexander Grinko, Marillion. The AEB experts presented their proposals on possible legislative changes in the view of current trends. The AEB Taxation Committee Chairperson presented the results of the Committee’s work in 2022.