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AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee Press-Conference "OVERVIEW 2021"


On January 13, 2022, the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee reported on the results of the past year at its traditional Annual press - conference "OVERVIEW 2021", which was held in Intercontinental Hotel.

Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO, welcomed the audience with the opening speech and Dr. Thomas Staertzel, AMC Chairman, Porsche Russland, presented the results of car sales in 2021, told about key challenges the industry faced and made the car sales forecast for 2022.

“The year 2021 demonstrated 4,3% growth in new passengers and light commercial vehicles as compared to 2020. In total 1 666 780 cars and LCVs were sold. However the positive figures 2021 result from the growth dynamics of only the second quarter 2021 versus the same period of 2020 with lockdown effects. The negative trend of the last two quarters ended up in December with a huge decrease of 19,9%. In December 2021, only 133 470 cars were sold. All this is a result of negative market effects of global factors, such as deficit of electronic components, logistics problems, supply chains breaks, increase in costs of materials, etc. There is no sign of a rapid improvement of the situation”, - summed up Thomas Staertzel.


However, he noted, that since 2015, the Russian automotive market is quite stable remaining between 1,4 and 1,8 mn vehicles. 

“Assuming that all the negative factors will not be resolved during the main part of 2022, the Committee believes that the car market will not change much and forecasts an increase of 3,3% with the total sale of cars and LCVs of 1 722 000 units”, - stated Dr. Staertzel.

Finally, Thomas Staertzel, Alexei Kalitsev, Deputy AMC Chairman, and Tadzio Schilling answered numerous questions about the future development of the automotive market in Russia.

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