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AEB CEO and AEB NWRC Steering Group members with the representatives of St. Petersburg local authorities


On March 3, 2021, in the run-up to the Annual General Meeting of the AEB North-West Regional Committee (AEB NWRC) in St. Petersburg, a working meeting of the management of the Association of European Businesses and the members of the AEB NWRC Steering Group with the representatives of the local authorities of St. Petersburg was held. 

In particular, from the city authorities, the meeting was attended by: Andrey Khlutkov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg, Olga Goryshina, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg, Anna Isakova, Director of «One-Stop-Shop Front Office” for investors in St. Petersburg, and Anna Koroleva, Deputy Director of «One-Stop-Shop Front Office” for investors in St. Petersburg. 


The AEB was represented at the meeting by Tadzio Schilling, General Director, Anton Rassadin, Chairman of the AEB North-West Regional Committee, Andreas Bitzi, Deputy Chairman of the AEB NWRC and the Chairman of the AEB SME Committee, and Alla Oganesian, Coordinator of the AEB NWRC. 


Both sides noted the importance, as well as the need for further deepening and expanding the interaction of the local authorities with foreign investors. Possible areas of further cooperation between the AEB and the city authorities were discussed at the meeting. Priority areas were highlighted: 

- participation of AEB member European companies in regional and international events organized by the city, and involvement of local authorities in significant AEB events organized at federal and regional levels (such as the annual Northern Dimension Forum). 

- Establishment of an Advisory Council of Foreign Investors to improve interaction and provide full feedback between the city administration and representatives of foreign business to promptly resolve issues arising from investors/ The Advisory Council may also serve as a permanent platform for professional expertise of foreign investors already operating in the city.