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AEB conference “From Farm to Fork”


On February 28, the Association of European Businesses held a closed conference “From Farm to Fork”. For the first time, this event was held with the support of all four AEB industrial committees, which are in one way or another connected with the agro-industrial complex.

These are the Seed Committee, the Crop Protection Committee, the Agribusiness Committee and the Food Processing Committee. The scope of activity of these committees conventionally begins in the fields, with planting seeds, their protection from pests, weeds and diseases, production of agricultural machinery and ends on store shelves in the form of finished products. This is the reason for the choice of the name of the conference “From Farm to Fork”.

The purpose of the conference was for AEB member companies to exchange their vision at different stages of food production, and also to receive from outside experts their understanding of current trends in the industry as a whole.

The expert panel of speakers included representatives of international organizations, associations, professional associations, as well as companies from the business community. We express our sincere hope that this meeting format will develop in the future and gain popularity among members.