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AEB Finance and Investments Committee open meeting “Nothing to worry about??? Economy and sanctions”


On October 11, 2019 the AEB Finance and Investments Committee held an open meeting entitled “Nothing to worry about??? Economy and sanctions” to review the current developments regarding the international economic sanctions against Russia, Russia’s latest counter-sanctions, the domestic economic outlook, foreign investment trends and forecasts.

The invited speakers were (in the alphabetical order): Alexander Anichkin (Partner, Clifford Chance), Ethan Heinz (Counsel, Dentons), Chris Weafer (Senior Partner, Macro-Advisory), Anna Zaigrina (Analyst, Rosbank).
Presentations by the speakers were followed by a Q&A session and an interactive discussion.

The participants noted that despite the current foreign reluctance to invest in Russia due to political and economic uncertainties and possible adverse changes in Russia’s economic trends driven by the continuing sanctions confrontation, international investors, being constantly on the lookout for profitable investment options, remained to date generally interested in Russia.