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AEB held a meeting with Igor Yurgens


On July 7, 2021 AEB members met with Igor Yurgens, President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers, President of the Institute of Contemporary Development and Vice President of RSPP.

The meeting was moderated by Philippe Pegorier, Member of the AEB Board of AEB, Kesarev Consulting, who also made a welcoming speech.


Noting the enormous damage that the COVID-19 epidemic caused to the global and Russian economies, Igor Yurgens emphasized, however, that Russia "bounced back" from it quite easily - according to forecasts of the Ministry of Economy, the economy this year will recover by 2-2.5% of GDP, which, however, is significantly lower than in such countries as Germany, USA and China. 

According to Mr. Yurgens, such rates are fraught with freezing "argentinization" of the Russian economy, when it will constantly be forced to catch up with the advanced economies, as well as threatening to fall out of the G-20. Analysts are now concerned about two main things: the unreformable management apparatus with its extremely complex system of internal coordination; the external circuit - it is impossible to live in a vacuum, and sanctions do not allow the Russian economy to fit organically into global value chains, which deals a significant blow to the investment climate. Russia has enormous opportunities, but the main risk is the loss of time; if we lose it now, it will be impossible to make up for it.

Igor Yurgens also paid attention to insurance and commented on the prospects of the "green deal" and the hydrogen economy.