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AEB held a meeting with the Deputy Head of Tax and Customs Tariff Policy Department, Ministry of Finance


On October 11, 2018 AEB Customs and Transport Committee held a meeting with Nikita Zolkin, Deputy Head of Tax and Customs Tariff Policy Department, Ministry of Finance. 

The meaningful novelties of the new Federal Law # 289 "On customs regulation in the Russian Federation and on amendments to PARTICULAR legislative acts of the Russian Federation" and customs law enforcement practices were discussed at the meeting. 
AEB CTC members had an opportunity to address the acute questions in the field of customs regulations, such as customs value control by FCS and the deduction of freight, FCS approach to application of the system of rating of the participants in foreign trade, new tariffs of customs fees for customs operations on goods release, the form of AEO (authorized economic operator) reporting system accessibility to be granted to customs authorities, the need for the revision of Chapter 16 of THE Code of administrative OFFENCES.
As a result of the constructive discussion, it was agreed to organise a meeting between MinFin, Federal Customs Service, and AEB CTC experts regarding customs value control and freight deduction in order to develop A unified approach to the list of documents required by FCS for customs value confirmation. Meanwhile, the provisional amendments to the draft executive order on the new customs fees proposed by the AEB CTC experts during the meeting were fully supported by the Ministry of Finance. 
The AEB CTC experts expressed their gratitude to Nikita Zolkin for THE constructive, balanced and effective dialogue during the discussion of the amendments to the new customs law. 

Photo L-R: Dmitry Cheltsov, AEB CTC Chairperson, and Nikita Zolkin, Minfin