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AEB held the Russia–Europe Business Dialogue session at the EEF 2021


On September 2, The Russia-EU Business Dialogue took place within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum. It was moderated by Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO.

Tadzio Schilling highlighted two key issues of the session: defining integration trends within the Greater Eurasia and the EU, and prospects for the global green agenda.  

He emphasized that climate change and the low-carbon agenda of both the leading European and Asian powers offer additional opportunities for the Russian Far East and the Arctic. 

Alexei Chekunkov, Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Arctic, marked out that the Russian Far East is also Europe in the center of Asia, which is an excellent springboard for promoting European business to the east. He outlined the region's existing most favored regimes and the unique opportunities the Sakhalin Region has to shape the market for climate projects. 


Antti Helantera, Ambassador of Finland to Russia, stressed the need to develop trade and economic relations between Russia and the EU in spite of the existing political differences. In his opinion, the driver of further relations for the coming years will be the joint fight against climate change, as well as domestic protectionism.

Pavel Shinsky, General Director, French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which became a co-organizer of the session, spoke about the most interesting sectors for attracting French investment to the Far East, including tourism.

Francois Borgida, TotalEnergies, spoke about plans to supply energy with a lower carbon footprint and the increasing role of natural gas; Sergey Machekhin, RusHydro, spoke about the process of renovating hydropower in the Far East; Edgars Puzo, Athos, devoted his presentation to accelerating the development of the Far East through mastering new technologies, equitable data exchange and sustainable development. 


Anton Moskvin, Rusatom Overseas, spoke about current and future projects of the corporation in the region; Alexander Malikov, Orange Business Services, detailed the problems of telecommunications development in the Far East; Anton Chudayev, ROMA S.A.S., informed the audience about various, including unconventional modes of transportation being implemented in the region; Denis Butsaev, Russian Environmental Operator Public Law, spoke about convergence of technical standards in implementing environmental projects.

Tore Morten Loeseth, Equinor, spoke about new technologies in the field of renewable energy sources; Yaroslav Gamzikov, Smoove, spoke about the reduction of urban emissions through micromobile transport; Dmitry Grigoriev, E. ON Connecting Energies spoke about the prospects for developing distributed power generation in the region, while Alexis Delaroff, Accor Russia, Georgia, Ukraine & CIS, and Dmitry Zavgorodny, Hyve Russia, discussed the prospects for developing the tourism potential of the Far East and increasing the hotel stock in the region.  

Photos (c) Roscongress