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AEB Innovation Award


This year AEB has created the first Innovation award in order to allow the best ideas to come to life.

“We live in the very changing environment where we have to concentrate, adapt, change and innovate. This is true for every member of the Association, but this is also true for ourselves. AEB employees have ideas that deserve to see the light, insights that are valuable for the Association, as well as for its members,” said Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO. 

All these have been proved by the diverse projects presented by AEB team: AEB GR Activities tracker, AEB Streamlined communication, BBQ Autumn Fair, AEB Green office & team, GR dialogues event format, Simplicity for more efficiency in financial document flow. 

Every of the 5 innovative projects deserves to be realized, but this time the winner of the first AEB Innovation Award is AEB Green office & team project. The project aims at making AEB office and team more ecology-friendly by inducing ecologically responsible behaviors and overall philosophy in the team members. 

Congratulations to the winning team - Galina Solomonova, Tatyana Listrovaya, Olga Novichkova, Abrigul Mamadvalieva! We wish every success to the team of winners in realization of their project and warmly thank every team for their participation and contribution. AEB is proud and happy to have such creative and innovative thinking employees.