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AEB LOBBYING SUCCESS STORY: the Government abolished the requirement to issue outdated bill of lading at the request of the AEB


Until recently, it was required in Russia to execute three bills of landing for road transportation of goods : commodity, transport and shipping.  Due to the fact that information in all these documents repeated, and there were no practical benefit in simultaneous execution of invoices on three forms both for businesses and for the state control, the Association addressed the authorities with the initiative to cancel the regulatory legal acts prescribing mandatory execution of waybills. 

As a result of consideration of the AEB application,  the General Rules of Cargo Transportation by Road in 1971 and the Instruction "On the Procedure of Settlements for Cargo Transportation by Road in 1983" were recognized as invalid on the territory of Russia. 

Thus, the execution of bills of landing under Form 1-T for the transportation of goods by road (except the transportation of ethyl and cognac alcohol, alcohol and other alcohol-containing products, products of state defense order, as well as goods used in the construction of apartment buildings) is no longer mandatory. 

"Cancellation of outdated regulatory acts containing requirements for mandatory issuance of waybills upon the request of businesses is an example of effective work of the regulatory guillotine mechanism and effective interaction between business and the government to improve the regulatory environment". - commented Sergey Gusev, AEB Transport and Customs Committee Co-Chairman and Electrolux Government Relations Manager.