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AEB NWRC and the Corinthia Hotel joint event “Why is creative thinking necessary in business?”


On March 14, 2024, a joint event of the North-West Regional Committee of the AEB and the Corinthia Hotel “Why is creative thinking necessary in business?” took place.

The evening was opened by the Chairman of the North-West Regional Committee of the AEB, Elena Kiyanova. Next, the guests had the honor of meeting the newly appointed General Director of the Corinthia Hotel, Fernando Rojo.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants talked about the role of creativity in business together with the guest speaker, Managing Partner and General Director of “Expert. Analytics Center" Kristina Muravyova.

“90% or more of the innovative products we use today are based on ideas born by “regular” employees in a non-work environment. Ideas can arise at any moment, but most often when we are relaxed,” said the experts of the evening. This way, the event participants heard not only ideas, but also had the opportunity to try some techniques on themselves.

A special highlight of the evening was the acquaintance with the work of Anna Mikhailova, a stylist and headwear designer from St. Petersburg. And the opportunity to try on hats from a famous designer and find that very “own” hat caused special delight among the participants of the event.