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AEB Open Doors


On 26 October 2015, the Association of European Businesses (AEB) opened its doors to potential members. Companies had a good opportunity to get detailed information about the AEB membership benefits from the presentations given by Frank Schauff, AEB CEO, and Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO, and Olga Bantsekina, AEB First Deputy Chair of the Board, Chief Representative, Coleman Services UK.

Moreover for visitors there was created a good environment to have a speed dating with the AEB employees representing the following tables:

1. AEB Loyalty Programme and CRM System
Vera Prokopenko, AEB Customer Care Manager
2. Committee work
Svetlana Lomidze, Director of External Affairs, Chief Committee Coordinator
3. Sponsorship & Membership Benefits & Application Procedures
Svetlana Tolmacheva, Head of Membership and Sales Department
Natalia Palagina, Business Development Мanager
4. Marketing, Publications and Advertising Opportunities
Anastasia Kondratieva, AEB Marketing, PR and Communications Director
Mikhail Konishchev, AEB Publications Manager
5. Lobbying and Legal Questions
Maya Limonnikova, AEB Legal Adviser
6. Regional Development
Olga Pavlyuk, AEB Director for Regional Development
7. Work permits via ONE WINDOW at FMS
Anna Arsentyeva, Work Permit & Visa Manager
8. Voluntary Medical Insurance for AEB members, OJSC Allianz
Dmitriy Volkov, Head of SME business
Vladimir Cherkasov, Key Account Manager
Pavel Ozerov, Head of Marketing 

The photoreport can be found on our facebook page.