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AEB organized a session at the IХ international conference “Global economic risk management” in MGIMO


Traditional annual conference of the department of risk management and insurance in MGIMO was held on October 29, 2020, and devoted to the analysis of global economic risks, assessment of the consequences of global pandemics, natural emergencies and growing cyber threats to the world and national economies. 

The conference was held online, allowing to participate in panel and plenary discussions a record number of participants - more than 300 of the 37 universities and higher schools of Russia and foreign countries, academic institutes, professional associations, regional state authorities, professionals from the insurance market. 

Conference organizers: risk management and insurance department, MGIMO, All-Russian Insurers Union, Association of European Business, expressing sincere gratitude to all participants and especially to the speakers of the plenary session and sections.

Section 4 of the Conference "Insurance Contract and COVID (legal aspects)" was held jointly with the International Association of insurance law (AIDA) and the Association of European businesses (moderators: Tourbina C, Chairperson of the Russian national chapter of AIDA; Zubarev L. senior partner, CMS, and Abaydullin A., head of the legal service of AIG). 

Capitolina Tourbina, chairperson of Russian national chapter of AIDA-AEB

The discussion focused on the legal interpretation of the lockdown in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic for the execution of insurance contracts and first court decisions related to the claims for insurance payments in foreign insurance markets. 

The section was opened by a presentation by Peggy Sharon, President Of the international insurance law Association "COVID-19: legal disputes over insurance contracts in Israel". Of equal interest were the reports of Lucy Thomas, "Review Of the decision of the high Court of Great Britain in the FCA test case in the UK", CMS, UK; Kukushkina A.V., Salygin V. I, Flight R. A "Coronavirus (Covid-19) in sustainable development and international legal protection of the environment", MGIMO; Zubarev L. "COVID-19 as force majeure and its consequences for the performance of insurance contracts"; Kratenko M. V. "Interpretation of the policy conditions of BI By the high court of great Britain in the test case "FCA v ARCH Insurance and other": on the role of insurers in overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic", Pskov State University; Akhmedova R. R. "Trends in restaurant services under the influence of the "Coronocrisis", MFPU "Synergy"; Khaydarov G., Kirichenko A. "State pools for protection against the risk of a pandemic involving insurers" and Kashkash E., Popova A., Kardava I. "The impact of the COVID 19 shock on development of the insurance industry" - all MGIMO. 

The Russian national chapter of AIDA announced the opening of a competition among young lawyers for the best work in the study of the impact of COVID risk on insurance contracts (for more information, please, follow the link