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AEB Regional Committees Annual General Meetings


At the end of March 2015 - beggining of April 2015 AEB Regional Committees held its Annual General Meeting (AGM).
On March 25th, 2015 the AEB North-Western Regional Committee organized AGM in Sokos Hotel Olympia Garden in St. Petersburg. Except for the regular annual report of the Committee’s activities presented by the Chair of the Committee, Timo Mikkonen, the AEB NWRC members had the privilege of meeting Mikhail Penziev, Deputy Head of Industrial Policy and Innovation Committee of St. Petersburg, who provided a brief insight into the industrial policy of the city and the prospective work in terms of attracting new investment.

On April 2nd the annual general meeting of the AEB Southern regional committee was held at the Red Royal hotel.

Representatives of the AEB Southern regional committee member companies discussed the results and perspectives of the Committee's work. Oleg Zharko, AEB Southern regional committee Chairman talked about the work of the AEB Southern regional committee in 2014, and recalled the events which the Committee organized independently or supported, as well as the large number of publications and references printed in the media. He focused on the projects that began in 2014 and will continue in 2015.

Then a briefing was held with Galas Igor, Minister of Economy of the Krasnodar region. He talked to the AGM participants about the plans and projections of the Krasnodar region administration in attracting investment. Through active discussion, the members of the AEB Southern regional Committee were able to raise the issues concerning doing business in the Krasnodar region and make suggestions for coordinating with investors.