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AEB representatives met with the First Deputy of General Migration Directorate of MVD of Russia


On October 10, 2018, Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO, Ludmila Shiryaeva, AEB Migration Committee Chairperson, Alexei Filipenkov, AEB Migration Committee Deputy Chairperson, met with Andrey Kraushkin, First Deputy of General Migration Directorate of MVD of Russia.

The participants of the meeting discussed a draft governmental decree concerning the procedure for the inviting party to apply measures for compliance by the foreign citizens with the purpose of entry. 
The Draft Decree was prepared to develop the Federal Law # 216

It was agreed to improve the text of the Draft Decree taking into account the AEB position which aims to reduce the administrative burden on the employers.

For more information please contact Ksenia Solovieva, AEB Migration Committee Coordinator, at

L-R: Alexey Filipenkov, Ludmila Shiryaeva, Ruslan Kokarev, Ksenia Solovieva

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