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AEB representatives took part in OICA Centennial


On 13-14 February, 2019Dr. Frank Schauff, AEB CEO and Olga Zueva, AMC Coordinator, attended OICA Centennial events in Paris, France.

OICA is International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufavturers. It was established in Paris, France in 1919 and represents automobile industry at the United Nations Organization. The Centennial events were attended by the highest level governmental representatives of France, automobile manufacturers associations from all over the world, honored guests. 

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the global automobile industry at the gala-dinner. In his speech he focused on the major development trends and assured the importance of promotion of the electric vehicles as well as other “green” cars, digitalization and mobility technologies. He supported the ideas voiced by the outgoing OICA President, Matthias Wissmann and a new OICA President, Christian Peugeot that politicians should not define and prioritize certain technologies but give the engineers possibilities to decide and offer new solutions to meet the highest requirements and standards set for the automobile industry.

At the global automotive conference Ms. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire; Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Transport of France, CEOs of automobile manufacturers described their vision of the ndustry future in their countries.

Dr. Frank Schauff had personal talks with the OICA President, Christian Peugeot, Executive Secretary of OICA, Yves Van Der Straaten; OICA Committees Chairs; presidents and representatives of national automobile manufacturers associations such as VDA ( Germany); ANFIA (Italy) and others.

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