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AEB representatives took part in the online-conference “After quarantine. The crisis and countermeasures" organized by the government of the Leningrad Region


On 21 May 2020, Andreas Bitzi, Deputy Chairman of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee and the Chairman of the AEB SME Committee, took part in the online conference “After quarantine. The crisis and countermeasures", organized by the economic bloc of the government of the Leningrad region, headed by Dmitry Yalov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region - Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment.

During the conference were discussed the possible consequences of the pandemic:
- What will be the demand after the pandemic? What are Russians ready to give up?
- How to restructure the work of businesses in the face of falling demand?
- How should government support change in these conditions?
- What will be the role of business communities and associations?
- What will become a driver for overcoming the crisis?
- How will the market and working methods change in the post-pandemic period?

You may find the recording of the conference here