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AEB representatives took part in the opening ceremony of Intersec Forum Russia


On November 8, 2018, AEB COO Ruslan Kokarev took part in the opening ceremony of Intersec Forum Russia co-organized by Messe Frankfurt Rus, AEB and Smart Building Consulting.

Intersec Forum was held for the first time in Russia and gathered about 100 participants from real estate, construction and development markets. Messe Frankfurt RUS has implemented the successful experience of cooperation with Association of European Businesses (AEB) and Smart Building Consulting (member of Lighting Business Consulting company group) in the Intersec Forum Russia 2018. Intersec Forum was held with the official support of the Competence Center for the Development of the Urban Environment of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, authoritative professional associations: KNX International, EnOcean Alliance, Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, Russian Biometric Society. 

This year Intersec Forum was addressed especially to developers, representatives of state structures and industry regulators, cities planning to enter the government program "digitalization of cities", developers and integrators.

The forum was divided into 3 main panel:
1. "Smart City" - trends and development prospects.
2. "Smart office" - security and building automation systems in commercial real estate;
3. "Smart home" - security and building automation systems in residential real estate;

1st panel: Smart Cities -realization possibilities, global trends and1st panel photo (3).jpg case studies. The development of safety measures in cities: trends and expectations

The first panel of the forum devoted to the trends and development prospects of smart city, was moderated by Tatjana Kovalenko, AEB Real Estate Committee Chair and welcomed by the official speech of Andrey Chibis, RF Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities. 

Smart city panel lasted 3 hours with interesting presentations of Affinity, PwC, IBM, Lighting Technologies, MGSU, Panasonic, Russian Biometric Society, Siemens, Shvabe Moscow, KNX International, Kaspersky Lab, who shared their vision and experience working and implementing smart solutions.

The transformational technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain and artificial intelligence help to realize the concept of smart city. The panel speakers discussed that 5G, unmanned buses, and electronic services are not anymore the city of future, and today we should  learn to live and implement smart technologies in accordance with local conditions.

Andrey Chibis noted the Russian Federation having an enormous potential in the field of smart technologies is implementing the project of digitalization of its economy. Andrey Chibis believes that in addition to the legislative base, there is a demand on the practically applicable and replicable smart technologies in Russia. 

Photo: L-R Tatjana Kovalenko, AEB Real Estate Committee Chair, Commercial Director, Sendler & Company; Andrey Chibis, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. 

2nd panel: Economic effectiveness of building automation and security systems in office buildings2nd panel photo (2).jpg

The second panel was moderated by Ruslan Kubrava, General Director, S.A. Ricci Project Management. 

During the second panel “Economic effectiveness of building automation and security systems in office buildings” experts discussed a number of key aspects of automating security systems and “smart offices” in new and existing projects. Industry professionals told about their own developments in the field of automation of business processes and buildings, as well as about the experience of implementing and testing the latest security systems. 

At the end of the event, expert opinions on the calculation of the volume of “smart offices” in the current market were divided. Thus, some of the panelists spoke in favor of the possibility of measuring the segment, focusing on the criteria of existence of “green” standard certification, while the majority of the audience and speakers said that this indicator is not exhaustive and “smart offices” can be implemented outside the context of environmental conformity. Practical aspects of the introduction of new technologies: their cost, features of the calculations in the estimates, as well as the potential payback for customers and the experience of general contractors in the implementation aroused the interest of the audience

In addition, special attention was paid to more advanced security systems that the market can offer today. Also, a particular interest arose the practice of digitizing drawings of objects in the BIM-model to improve the efficiency of operation of real estate. Experts agreed that the development of "smart offices" and their growth as a segment will continue in the future, and it is primarily to develop high-quality software to integrate the latest developments, the payback of which today is amenable to accurate calculations, and indicates the future benefit of customers, aspiring to innovations in the office space.

Photo: L-R: Ruslan Kubrava, General Director, S.A. Ricci Project Management; Andrey Golovin, General Director, association KNX Russia 

3d panel: How to increase the attractiveness of Economy and Business class residential buildings: integration of Smart Home systems or integrated security systems –advantage for future sales or a waste of money for investors and developers?3d panel photo (2).jpg

Vitaly Bogachenko, AEB Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee Chair moderated the third panel. He noted that today the concept of “smart home” in Russia is represented mainly in country houses and premium-class residential complexes. However, technology has significantly fallen in price in recent years and is gradually penetrating the "business" and "comfort" class, giving real estate an additional appeal in the eyes of its buyer. A consumer himself is becoming a more mature and demanding user of “smart” technologies. Therefore, in the near future, certain components of smart-home will become an integral part of residential complexes in all segments.

Photo: Vitaly Bogachenko, AEB Construction Industry and Building Material Suppliers Committee Chair, Head of Corporate Affairs, LafargeHolcim Russia  

Presentations are available for downloading HERE

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