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AEB representatives visited the sites of a multifunctional transit hub and a future hydrogen cluster on Sakhalin


On September 1, 2021 the AEB delegation came to Korsakov city, Sakhalin region, and visited the site of a multifunctional transit hub on the basis of the Korsakov sea port.

AEB CEO Tadzio Schilling and the Deputy Minister of Investment Policy of Sakhalin Region Sergey Burenkov discussed the prospects of cooperation and further development of this investment project, and also visited the site of another prospective project on creation of the urban agglomeration Novy Korsakov. 


Not far from the current seaport of Korsakov, an Ecopolis city will be built by the mid-2030s as part of an ecological experiment conducted by the region. A special feature of this city will be the maximum compliance with environmental standards, as well as the expansion of the economic potential of the port.


The AEB delegation's visit continued with a trip to the planning site of the gas liquefaction and export plant. The Sakhalin hydrogen cluster will be built next to it as part of an environmental experiment. The cluster will create a hydrogen production complex, organize a chain of hydrogen supplies to foreign markets and local consumers. It is also planned to create a center of competence in the field of hydrogen and other areas of clean energy on the basis of Sakhalin State University to train personnel, transfer technology and exchange experience.