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AEB team met with Alexey Grigoriev


A good new tradition of meetings between the team and members of the Association is born. 

On December 19, Alexey Grigoriev, Head of the METRO AG Representative Office in Moscow, Chairman of the AEB Retail Trade Committee, shared a charge of motivation with AEB employees.

Alexey told us about his experience in diplomacy, industry, trade business. He shared rich experience in solving business challenges related to logistics and branch problems due to sanctions in 2014, changes in the law on trade, the operation of trade in a pandemic, disruption of supply chains and payment systems due to sanctions in 2022.

Answering the questions of the AEB staff, Mr. Grigoriev shared his opinion on what qualities a GR specialist should have, and on what the trust between business partners is based.

The AEB team sincerely thanks Alexey Grigoriev for his time and open motivating story.