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AEB team met with Reiner Hartmann


On November 14, Reiner Hartmann, Head of the Representative Office of Uniper Global Commodities SE in Moscow, former Chairman of the AEB Board and Co-Chairman of the AEB Honorary Council, addressed the AEB team. 

Mr. Hartmann told the story of the establishment of Uniper business in Russia, shared what difficulties and successes it was accompanied by. Besides the company's achievements in the energy sector, everyone was interested to listen about the social and cultural projects that Uniper supported in Russia.

In addition, Reiner Hartmann shared his personal impressions of many years of work in Russia.

Being a person who developed business in the face of unprecedented changes in Russia in the 90s, Mr. Hartmann could give valuable advice on overcoming difficulties in work and private life and recommendations for achieving success. Mr. Hartmann also answered a lot of questions from the AEB staff.

The AEB team expresses its deep gratitude to Mr. Hartmann for the received charge of inspiration and positive.