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AEB took part in Moscow Financial Forum


On September 8, 2022 AEB took part in Moscow Financial Forum. 

A delegation of 10 AEB representatives visited the Forum and the AEB CEO, Tadzio Schilling became a speaker of the panel discussion “New time tax policy: from international integration to internal adjustment”. 

The session was moderated by Larisa Katysheva, Director of the Center for Advanced Communications, Graduate School of Public Management (GSPM). 

The speakers of the session were Olga Anufrieva, Deputy Chairperson of the State Duma Budget and Taxation Committee, Daniil Egorov, Head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Orlov, Partner, Head of the Tax & Legal Department, Kept and Chairman of the Expert council with the State Duma Budget and Taxation Committee, Alexey Sazanov, State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, Alexander Shokhin, President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. 

During the session the participants discussed recent changes to the Russia’s tax system, such as simplification of procedures for businesses and citizens, strategic effort to enhance the efficiency of tax policies, and innovative tax measures to address the challenges faced by the national economy. The speakers looked at how business reacts to all the measures undertaken by the lawmakers during the crisis and discussed if the tax system can be adjusted further without compromising its efficiency and causing shortfalls in tax revenues. 

On behalf of AEB Tadzio Schilling expressed the appreciation of regulators’ openness for dialogue and named several areas for further development in taxation, that the international companies would welcome. Those areas coincided with what the Russian business finds important, so the regulators promised to consider them.