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Annual AEB Conference on the application of the EAEU Technical Regulation


On September 28, the second annual AEB Conference on the application of the EAEU Technical Regulation No. 048/2019 "On Energy Efficiency Requirements for energy-consuming devices" was held, at which Tadzio Schilling, AEB CEO, made an introductory speech.

The event was moderated by Hubert de Haan, BSH Bytowije Pribory, Chairman of the AEB Home Appliances Manufacturers Committee. And the position of the AEB was presented in his report by Pavel Rudyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Samsung.

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Traditionally, representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, experts of the European Association of Manufacturers of household Appliances APPLiA participated in the event, and this year specialists of the Gosstandart of the Republic of Belarus joined the Conference.

During the event, experts exchanged information on the current problematic issues of implementing the requirements of the technical regulations, the specifics of establishing transitional periods, the rules for repealing national legislation on energy efficiency, highlighted the necessity on corrections to the text of the regulations, the timing of the development and adoption of the Acts of Eurasian Economic Commission in the development of this technical regulation, and also discussed the rules for using manufacturers' test reports when declaring conformity of products according to scheme 1d.

Based on the results of the event and the information obtained, AEB plans to conduct an internal training for the member companies of the Association in order to provide expert and methodological support for the implementation of the requirements of the regulations, which will come into force as early as September 1, 2022.