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Annual meeting with North-Western Customs Administration (SZTU)


On May 27, 2022, the AEB North-Western Regional Committee’s Customs, Transport and Logistics Subcommittee held an open roundtable “ANNUAL MEETING WITH NORTH-WESTERN CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION (SZTU)”.
The event was held in offline format at the premises and with full support of “DLA Piper” company in St. Petersburg.

The round table was devoted to the overview of the actual logistics and customs issues amid sanctions and countermeasures and the results of the work of SZTU in 2021. The participants of the round table were able to get first-hand information from Sergey Senko, First Deputy Head of the North-Western Customs Administration and Ekaterina Ladynina, Deputy Head of the Federal Customs Revenues Service, Head of the Department of Trade Restrictions and Export Control of the North-Western Customs Administration. 

In the second part, the participants had a discussion, asked questions, and shared their concerns and problems. The event was followed by an informal networking. 

The event was moderated by Sergey Vasiliev, Chair of the AEB NWRC Customs, Transport and Logistics Subcommittee, member of the AEB NWRC Steering Group. 

We would like to kindly thank “DLA Piper” company in St. Petersburg for supporting the event.