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Annual meeting with the investment team of the government of the Leningrad region


On November 26, 2020, an online meeting of AEB representatives with the investment team of the Leningrad region was held.

The agenda of the event, united by the common theme "Sustainable Growth Region", included the issues of foreign business development in the region, summing up the results of the year, discussing regional investment policy and measures to support investors.

AEB CEO Tadzio Schilling spoke about AEB's long-term fruitful cooperation with the Government of the Leningrad Region, which, among other things, is enshrined in the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 2017, as well as on the experience of European companies to overcome the coronary crisis.

Tadzio noted that many AEB member companies have successfully localized their production in the region, largely due to the favorable investment climate in the region.
Also at the meeting Tadzio Schilling presented and commented on the results of the annual survey of member companies of the Association of European Businesses on satisfaction with business conditions in Russia.

Egor Mishcheriakov, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activities of the Leningrad Region, noted that a quarter of Russia's total investment portfolio belongs to the Leningrad Region, with 10 largest infrastructure industrial projects being implemented in the region.

The panel discussion "Investments in sustainable development of regions: post-covidal reality" was attended by representatives of business, public organizations and the economic block of the Leningrad Region Government.

The participants of the discussion were invited to take part in the discussion:

Eduard Bose, Advisor to the General Director, "VEB-Engineering" LLC;
Anastasia Gorbulina, Director for Design Management, "Housing Construction" business segment, YIT;
Elena Kiyanova, Corporate Affairs Manager of the North Region, Philip Morris International in Russia;
Mikhail Kiyanov, Director, IKEA Parnas;
Anastasia Mikhalchenko, Public Representative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the field of "Entrepreneurship and Technology" in the Leningrad region;
Olga Semenova, Director of regional development programs at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo;
Natalia Trunova, Vice-President and Head of Spatial Development, Center for Strategic Developments Foundation.

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In the second part of the event, Anton Rassadin, the Chair of the AEB North-Western Regional Committee, presented the results of the survey, which is being implemented on an annual basis by the AEB North-Western Regional Committee among the European resident companies in the Leningrad Region. The survey aims at revealing the overall business mood of the European investors in the Leningrad Region, as well as gives them opportunity to provider proposals on the improvement of the investment climate in the region. This year also the survey revealed general positive attitude of the investors towards the investment climate in the Leningrad region, as well as towards the work of the investment team of the Government of LO. Vast majority of the respondents evaluated high the dialog of the local authorities with the business community during the period of pandemic in 2020. The presentation of the results of the Survey-2020 may be found here.

Further, the representatives of the investment team of the Government of the Leningrad Region - Yulia Kosareva (Deputy Chair of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity), Natalia Gershun (Head of the Investment Policy Department of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad Region), and Anastasia Mikhalchenko (Director of the Agency for Economic Development of the Leningrad Region) - presented new incentive measures to stimulate investment projects on the regional level (investments tax deduction, infrastructural subsidies, investment protection and promotion agreements), as well as new approaches and format of working with investors. 

We would like to thank Philip Morris International for supporting the event.

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