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B2B Meeting with Rostelecom


On the 27 August, 2015 the AEB IT-Telecom Committee organised a B2B Meeting with Rostelecom. The moderators of the event were Edgars Puzo, Chairman of the AEB IT-Telecom Committee, Chairman of the Working Group on Data Protection, and General Director of Atos; Frank Schauff, AEB CEO.

The AEB members were given the unique opportunity to discuss their concerns and proposals about Personal Data Processing with Olga Rumyantseva, Rostelecom top manager, and Vice-President for Corporate & Government Segments, and her colleague Mikhail Kozlov, Director of the Business Platform Project Office. The Rostelecom representatives also talked about changes to Federal law 242 on Personal Data Processing, and how to comply with the new requirements after the law enters into force on 1 September, 2015.

Presentation is avaliable here

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