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Breakfast for new AEB members


On 18 December, the Association of European Businesses held its Breakfast for New Members, which takes place every few months at the AEB premises. On this day, the companies who recently joined the AEB were given the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the work of the most active business association in Russia and to meet representatives of other companies.

The session was opened with welcome speeches by Philippe Pegorier, Chairman of the AEB Board, Gerald Sakuler, Member of the AEB Board, Frank Schauff, AEB CEO and Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO. Over the course of the event, the AEB member companies asked questions and raised major issues of concern before representatives of the AEB Membership Department (Svetlana Tolmacheva, Natalia Palagina, Vera Prokopenko); the External Affairs and  Committees Department (Svetlana Lomidze); the Marketing, Advertising and Publications Department (Anastasia Kondratieva). During the networking session, the companies used the opportunity to explore potential avenues for cooperation.

Philippe Pegorier described the main function of the AEB as a “voice of member companies”, and Frank Schauff stressed how important it is for companies to stick together and “join the strong community in challenging times”.

The photo report is avaliable on our Facebook page