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Briefing of World Bank in St. Petersburg


On 11 October, 2013 the AEB North-Western Regional Committee organized a briefing of World Bank briefing in St. Petersburg based on the World Bank’s “Russia Economic Report #30

The participants got a the privilege to hear Birgit Hansl, Lead Economist, Country Sector Coordinator for the Russian Federation, Sergei Ulatov, Senior Economist and Alvaro Gonzalez, Lead Economist. The representatives of the World Bank presented recent economic developments, an economic outlook and elaborated on volatility and firm survival and prospects for economic diversification in Russia. Among the participants were the members of AEB, other companies – potential members, as well as governmental authorities and representatives of European delegation and consulates. 

The briefing was kindly hosted by the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg.

Russia Economic Report No 30 Part 123 Oct 3 2013 Eng.pdf View/Open