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CO2 knows no bounds


On February 09, the AEB held a discussion on the environmental project «Restoration of peatlands as a means for offsetting carbon. Economic and Ecosystem benefits for businesses», the main features and problems of environmental projects in general in Russia, including greenwashing.

Ernesto Ferlenghi, Chairman of the Steering Group on the AEB Green Initiative welcomed the participants of the webinar.

Russia has adopted the official taxonomy of «green» projects and thus declared itself as an important player in the international arena.

The Russian green projects market has great potential and may become one of the largest in the world.

We are grateful to all the speakers for their brilliant presentations and very interesting discussion!

Tatiana Minayeva, Associate Expert, Wetlands International
Igor Akhmerov, Founder and CEO, Grinvest LLC
Natalia Vasilieva, Nature-based solutions manager, Shell Exploration and Production Services (RF) B.V
Sergey Kiselev, Upstream Originator of Environmental Products, Global Commodities and Derivatives Trading, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Switzerland AG
Anna Lvova, Head of Department, International Relations and Communications, International Investment Bank
Mirjam Büdenbender, First Secretary – Environment and Climate Economic Department, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

The webinar was moderated by Florian Willershausen, Head of the AEB Green Finance Workstream.