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Cross-border intercompany transactions: risks and solutions


On April 15, 2015 the Taxation Committee held a business meeting ”Cross-border intercompany transactions: risks and solutions”. The event covered recent court practice and new legislative initiatives in cross-border intercompany transactions as well as practical matters and advice from leading tax professionals.


The speakers, Dzhangar Dzhalchinov, Dentons; Natalia Faizrakhmanova, Pepeliaev Group; Oleg Akilbaev, Oriflame; Angelos Benos, Deloitte & Touche; Evgeny Timofeev, Goltsblat BLP; Alexei Nesterenko, Ernst & Young; Mikhail Orlov, KPMG; Arseny Seidov, Baker & McKenzie briefed the participants on different taxation aspects of cross-border transactions and participated in the round table discussions “Russian and foreign cases – similarities and differences” and “Tax planning and protection of taxpayers’ rights in the new environment”. The meeting was moderated by Alina Lavrentieva, Chair, and Vadim Zaripov, Deputy Chair of the AEB Taxation Committee. 

For more information kindly refer to the presentations made at the event  HERE.

L.-R. Angelos Benos, Deloitte & Touche; Evgeny Timofeev, Goltsblat BLP; Oleg Akilbaev, Oriflame; Natalia Faizrakhmanova, Pepeliaev Group; Dzhangar Dzhalchinov, Dentons; Alina Lavrentieva, PwC, Taxation Committee Chair. 

L.-R. Mikhail Orlov, KPMG; Alexei Nesterenko, Ernst & Young; Vadim Zaripov, Pepeliaev Group, Deputy Chair of the AEB Taxation Committee

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