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Customs and transport Commitee met EU customs attaches in Russia at the EU delegation


On December 5, 2014, the transit issues and restrictions imposed recently by Russian Federation on the goods transiting Russia and Belarus to/from Moldova/Kazakhstan and other countries were discussed during the meeting with EU customs attaches in Russia at the EU delegation. 

Dmitry Cheltsov, AEB Customs and transport (AEB CTC) Chairperson, and Wilhelmina Shavshina, AEB CTC Co-chair, were invited to share information on Committee’s work with regard to the current customs and transit issues affecting EU business in Russia.

Dmitry underlined that currently TIR Carnets are accepted by the Russian customs authorities without the requirement of additional guarantees and additional forms of customs control in 8 out of 107 road crossings in the north-western section of the Russian state border in Vyborg, Karelia and Murmansk customs posts. Uncertainty with the TIR Convention application within the territory of Russia raises serious concerns for the AEB members and representatives of business community and transport operators under conditions where limitations on the application of the Convention exist despite the absence of legal acts restricting the application of the TIR system within the Russian Federation. 
Dmitry emphasized that the International Road Transport Union (IRU) is open for a dialog with the Federal Customs service to find a solution to resolve the situation. EU businesses express confidence that removing limitations on application of the TIR Convention on the entire territory of Russia and active joint work aimed at the improvement of individual provisions of the Convention will help clarify and bring closer stakeholders’ positions, expand cooperation and strengthen connections in the interests of facilitating mutual trade, further develop the transport industry, and bring about the utilisation of the transport and transit potentials at national and global levels. 
After the presentation, participants addressed their questions and concerns about TIR Convention implementation and transit through the Russian Federation. It was agreed to hold meetings between the EU Customs attaches and the AEB Customs and Transport Committee experts on a regular basis.

Photo: EU Customs attachés

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