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Days of European Agrotechnologies 2017


On 27-30 June 2017, “Days of European Agrotechnologies 2017” with Bayarena, organised by KWS and Bayer for the fifth time, took place at the KWS Trial station in the Lipetsk region. 

The Round Table discussion “Innovative achievements in selection, seed-growing and plant protection” was held on the last day – 30th  June.

Vladimir Druzhina, Chairman of the AEB Seed Committee, paid attention to the main issues for international companies working in Russia: protection of intellectual property rights, royalty payment, etc. 

Tatiana Belousovich, AEB GR Manager for Crop Protection and Seeds, highlighted the ecological responsibility of the Crop protection producers for their products from the elaboration of a new molecule till the waste container management.

Photo L-R: Vladimir Druzhina, Chairman of Seed Committee AEB; Anatoly Mikhilyov, CEO of the National Union of Seed Breeders and Seed Producers.