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Director-General of DG Research & Innovation at the European Commission met AEB


On 11 November 2016, Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General of DG Research & Innovation at the European Commission, met with the Association of European Businesses. 

The aim of the meeting was for Mr. Smits to learn not only about the views of European businesses on the general economic climate in Russia but also to hear about the prospects of developing research & innovation focused cooperation, utilising Europe's and Russia's intellectual and scientific capital and technological complementaries. Companies also discussed with Mr. Smits the general framework conditions for carrying R&D activities in and with Russia.

Photo (from left to right): 
Gediminas Ramanauskas, Policy Officer, European Commission
Iskra Reic, Vice-President, Astra Zeneca
Philippe Pegorier, Member of the AEB Board, President, Alstom Russia
Robert-Jan SMITS, Director-General, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission
Frank Schauff, CEO, AEB
Vygaudas UŠACKAS, EU Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Head of EU Delegation to Russia
Rene Pischel, Head, European Space Agency
Richard Burger, Head of S&T and Other EU Policies Section, EU Delegation to Russia