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Eleventh Annual HR Conference ”Modern Trends in HR”


On 27 March 2014, the AEB HR Committee held its Eleventh Annual HR Conference ”Modern Trends in HR”. This year the conference was focused on modern trends in HR. The event provided a platform for discussion the ways that help companies to adapt their global strategies to local market. The HR professionals exchanged views on how efficiently manage emerging trends affecting workplace and its potential. The programme of the conference contained four special sessions devoted to modern trends in employer branding, compensations & benefits, assessment, training & development, and labour law. The HR Directors’ panel discussion closed the conference.

L-R: Ruslan Kokarev, AEB COO; Bruno Ancelin, Senior Vice-President, Chairman of Eurasia Region, Managing Director Renault Russia; Olga Bantsekina, Chair of the AEB HR Committee, Deputy Chair of the AEB Board, Chief Representative Coleman Services UK; Mike Vereschagin, VP HR Eurasia Region, HR Director Renault Russia.