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Event “Challenges to Existing Business Models: IT Legislation Changes”.


On October 23, 2014 the AEB IT-Telecom Committee held an open event «Challenges to Existing Business Models: IT Legislation Changes». 

The Round Table was devoted to the recent changes in the Russian legislation — Federal Law 242 which will touch a great range of companies, both Russian and foreign. IT and legal experts provided the information on different aspects of this law implementation, from specific technological to those of legal interest. The speakers from such companies as Pepeliaev Group, Forma1, and GM-Russia addressed the AEB members. The representatives of partner business organizations — AHK, AmCham, RATEK, RSPP — were also invited to present their points of view. The meeting was chaired by Edgars Puzo, Chairman of the AEB IT-Telecom Committee, Chairman of the Intercommittee Working Group on Data Protection, Atos. 

Presentation from the meeting is avaliable HERE